The Source-ed Sessions
The Source-ed Sessions with Krystie Ann

The Source-ed Sessions with Krystie Ann

Join Krystie Ann + I as we heart riff on what it means to express our magic

Today I’m joined in our SOURCE-ED SESSION by the intuitive powerhouse, Krystie Ann, also known as @TheWanderinglioness 

She’s a fierce cosmic, witchy woman who loves to spread magick + since our very first convo, it’s clear that she + I have done MANY lifetimes together.

Rooted in ancestral healing, body liberation, + multifaceted creative expression, Krystie Ann will help you to tap + step into your true divine essence.

She also has an amazing podcast, Connected in the Den which I’m  super-blessed to have been a guest on - come join us as we pull a SHE oracle card + riff together on what comes up!

Website | Connected in the Den podcast | Instagram

Some of the things we talk about include:

✨ Navigating expression on social media in an authentic way

✨ Tuning into the difference between anxiety and intuition

✨ How stillness enhances our intuitive capacities

✨ The relationship between our cycles and our psychic powers and how charting can enhance these abilities

✨ The connection between magic and creative expression

Here are a few quotable moments that I BLOODY loved from our chat:

"However I can show up, however I can be, I don't think I could exist if I couldn't be creative so for me, that's my magic."

"If someone's performative... it's something that has to ring true for you, the person who is consuming the content. This is where we have to be getting our vessel and our antenna in tune. Is this resonating with me? Am I feeling this in my heart? Or, am I feeling it in other parts of my body? My gut? Or just that ick factor. If I get even a little smidge of that....mmmm... And then I question, 'Why am I feeling this way?' I'll kind of creep a little bit...what other content are they sharing? I think it's definitely if something resonates with you. I'm only speaking from personal experience and what rings true but it's definitely a heart connection for me. If I'm not feeling it in the heart then I'm feeling that there's some inauthenticity there."

"So many of us in this collective, in this community are empathic and highly sensitive and with that tends to come some anxiety because we tend to take in so much, right? So first and foremost for me was how I was taking in energy and not being so tuned outwards and trying to clear my station, I guess. I like to look at it like a radio station and my station needs to be in tune. I don't want to pick up any of the static. But I like to keep my station clear and then if I'm out or if I'm social or when I'm with a client my dial's tuned outwards so I can pick up what they're feeling. But with intuition you want your dial to be tuned inwards. So it was really programming myself to know the difference between out and in."

"Anxious thoughts or anxious hits are repetitive, whereas intuitive hits that's it. It comes in quick. And so you have to learn how your intuition speaks to you because your intuition is speaking to you all day. All damn day. Whereas anxiety is sort of like a repetitive loop. It'll enter in and then disappear. And then that same anxious thought will disappear. So for me, I had to learn to identify the patterns between the two and then when I was able to do that it was really easy to be like, 'That's an anxious thought; I don't want that.' You know?"

"Once you start to make it a habit of becoming quiet it becomes very easy and you will definitely notice when your powers, I say, enhance."

"Especially too because my cycle isn't the same. It's always changing. So it's important for me to track. And even if I'm not everyday, I'm always making little notes here and there. It is important I think, or it was for me I should say, it was very important for me to start to track. Going back to how I can show up for people because I would see okay, there's a couple of days where I need some rest so I'm just going to moonwalk out of social media for a couple of days and stay a little quiet and pop back in once I've boosted myself up a little bit. And so it's like honouring myself more and listening to myself more. But tracking was very, very important for me."

The Source-ed Sessions
a conversation series hosted by Lisa Lister. card pulls + heart riffs with some of my favourite women as we explore our own self source-ery.